Letter to Collegiate Families Jan. 7, 2021

Dear Collegiate Families:

The violent events which took place at our nation's Capitol weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. Perhaps it is obvious to state that Collegiate condemns violence and stands for democracy. We proudly uphold and claim our School’s core values of respect, excellence, honor, community and love of learning. We are committed to supporting our students and continuing Collegiate’s long-standing dedication to growing responsible citizens who work together for the greater good. 

We are here to ensure that your children’s needs are met through these challenging times. For over a century, Collegiate has fostered learning through respectful dialogue and behaviors. Our founder, Helen Baker, gave a clarion call to see humanity in each other. Having civil conversations has been and will always be a focus at Collegiate. In this critical moment, we continue to listen, ask questions and facilitate respectful dialogues to help your children process and learn in developmentally-appropriate ways. We are future focused and cherish our role as educators who cultivate mindsets, skills and habits that will serve your children well into their adulthood as responsible citizens. 

I know that I gain great strength, courage and hope from the individuals who comprise our Collegiate community, and as such, thank each of you for your impact on and commitment to our values, safety and wellbeing. It is a privilege to serve a community committed to the intellectual, moral, emotional and physical development of children, and I thank you for your partnership as we move forward together. As always, please do not hesitate to be in touch if we can be of assistance.

Penny B. Evins