Collegiate School Presents Pageant

Since the early days of the Collegiate School for Girls on Monument Avenue, Collegiate has offered the Pageant of the Nativity as a gift to the community. This year, our students, faculty and staff found a way to continue the tradition through the restrictions of the pandemic. We are pleased to share with you this virtual presentation that blends together photographs of current Senior Girls with archival photos and music. 
While a virtual presentation can never replace the experience of being gathered together in the pews with loved ones, the grace, courage and leadership shown by our Senior Girls and several members of our faculty and staff and their care and time invested in creating this production are shining examples of the ways our Collegiate community remains strong and vibrant.
Former Headmistress Catharine Flippen, who directed the Pageant for many years, envisioned the Pageant experience as one hour of peace, hope and joy. It is our sincere wish that you experience peace, hope and joy through this presentation and throughout the holiday season.
Penny B. Evins