Upper School Art Walk: Ceramics

Collegiate ceramics class projects are inspired by historical pottery and the work of contemporary potters, and teach basic ceramic building and decorative techniques. Art Walk 2020 includes work built using slabs of clay. Forms were inspired by classical pottery. Some students used a transfer technique for surface decoration demonstrated by visiting potter Carla Pillsbury. The theme of “grow” is used as a starting point for some surface decoration. The blue and white pottery project was introduced with a study of the history of porcelain and the historical importance of Chinese blue and white porcelain. The solid color matte pieces were inspired by contemporary potter Sunshine Cobb. This work is not glazed but has only underglaze, a clay-based material, on the surface for color. The brown and white pieces use sgraffito, scratching through a surface color to another color beneath, for surface decoration. “There is so much work that can't be recognized because of the interruption of our semester. I'm immensely proud of my students for adapting and following through with their work in this strange time.” - Upper School art teacher Mary Arzt