Two 8th Grade Athletes Learn Competitive Focus

Collegiate student-athletes L.J. Booker and Charles Nolde were the only two 8th Graders on the top Middle School boys’ Cub basketball team this season.
Selected by their teammates as captains before the season’s start, the duo handled their leadership roles with humility and courage, says their coach Nathan Goodwyn.
“They held themselves to a high standard, challenging others to be at their best at all times,” Coach Goodwyn said. “During games, they were the first to dive for loose balls, make the extra effort on rebounds and cheer on their teammates.”  
The team finished the season with a 9-3 record. Both L.J. and Charles consistently led in scoring and defending. In one win against Buford Middle School, which had beaten the team earlier in the year, L.J. scored 17 points and hauled in 13 rebounds. Charles scored 20 points in another win at St. Christopher's.
“Charles and L.J. have learned to play through adversity, not get caught up in officiating or activity in the stands,” Coach Goodwyn said. “They have learned the importance of competitive focus.
“They are elite-level athletes but that is not what makes them special,” he continued. “More than that they have the character necessary to handle success.”