Cub Wrestler Shows Consistency, Maturity on the Mat

Depending on the week, 8th Grader Braden Bell could be wrestling at the Cub, junior varsity or varsity level.
At a recent meet, the Cub wrestling team traveled to New Kent Middle School. In Middle School wrestling, athletes each compete in two matches, which Cub wrestling coach Andrew Vigne says “is plenty for most Middle School athletes.”
A New Kent wrestler had one match scheduled, so his coach asked if any Collegiate wrestlers would be willing to wrestle a third match.
“Without hesitation, Braden agreed to the extra match and then proceeded to get his third victory of the night,” Coach Vigne said.
Coach Vigne praises Braden’s consistency as a wrestler.
“He pushes himself and his teammates to get better in practice every day and that hard work has translated into a very successful season,” he said.
Undefeated at the Cub level this season, Braden has performed so well that Collegiate varsity wrestling coach Andrew Stone called on him to help fill the 113-lb. weight class. At his first-ever varsity meet, Braden more than held his own. He won two matches against high school athletes and finished the tournament in 5th place for his weight class.
Coach Vigne describes Braden's maturity as one of the young athlete’s best qualities.
“He doesn't excessively celebrate his victories or sulk if he loses,” Coach Vigne said. “His maturity on the mat, regardless of the outcome, is a great testament to his character.”
Braden is the type of athlete who is willing to persevere through difficult situations. A difficult 7th Grade season did not cause him to lose confidence or think about quitting the sport. 
“Instead, he met those challenges head on and came into this season determined to be even better than he was last year,” Coach Vigne said. “That determination in the face of adversity is exactly the type of kid Collegiate looks to create.”