Cub Basketball Point Guard Grows Her Game

Collegiate 7th Grader Britton Berson may joke that her height does not intimidate her opponents, but the pint-sized point guard more than makes up for it in speed, agility and fierceness. 
As a member of Coach Dave Privasky's girls’ Cub basketball team, Britton has continued to grow as an athlete and leader on the court. 

With the help of her teammates, she had an outstanding performance against the Spirit Warhawks on Jan. 10, where she scored a season-high 12 points and had several steals. Her commanding performance led the Cougars to a 36-20 win, the team’s best victory of the season.
Britton's speed paid off against Lady of Lourdes on Jan. 13 during a game where she had more steals than her solid 8 points. Her play helped the Cougars to a 22-11 win.
“Britton's toughness and determination to win continues to motivate her teammates,” Coach Privasky said, “and we applaud her growth as a player.”