Collegiate 4th Grade Capstone Kicks Off

Collegiate School 4th Graders this morning launched their grade-level Capstone experience, Envision Collegiate, by meeting School leaders from various departments who will guide them as they explore the question, How might we improve the sustainability of Collegiate’s campus by 2028?
Collegiate offers Capstone programs in the final year of each division of the School — 4th Grade, 8th Grade and 12th Grade — to create opportunities and challenges for students that help prepare them for the future. 

Envision Collegiate immerses the entire 4th Grade student body in the inner workings of Collegiate’s campus, so that students can use design thinking methods and work collaboratively to identify opportunities for growth and change. The 2028 in the theme represents the year the 4th Graders will graduate. 

Guest speakers this morning were Head of Lower School Debbie Miller; Athletic Director Karen Doxey; Director of Campus Safety and Security James Bandy; Transportation Supervisor Tony Winston; Director of Facilities Management and Construction Scott Carson; Grounds Supervisor Jeremy Clark and Food Service Director Andy Harrison.
From now until May, students will work in groups and spend time interviewing the campus experts to inform their ideas. Lower School Capstone coordinator and 4th Grade teacher Jessica Catoggio encouraged students to be the change during the Capstone experience.

“No one knows our School better than you,” she said. “During Envision Collegiate, you will get the opportunity to be a leader, to share your ideas and your thinking, and serve our School. That’s one of the things that makes this Capstone special.”