Collegiate Students Celebrate Diwali

With visits from Collegiate School parents and presentations at an assembly, Middle and Lower School students have learned over the past week about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.
Collegiate 5th Graders gathered in Reeves Center this morning to listen as Nimi Patel, mother of 5th Grader Riya; Dr. Anjali Varandani, mother of 5th Grader Akash; and Sunita Gupta, mother of 5th Grader Kairav and 12th Grader Esha, told the story of Diwali and how they and their families celebrate the Hindu New Year holiday. Esha and Kairav also performed a traditional dance.

Last week, Diwali served as the topic as Lower Schoolers enjoyed their first Book Gathering, where, throughout the year, they learn about religious traditions from around the world. Kareena Sujanani, mother of 3rd Grader Giselle, read from the book, Amma, Tell Me About Diwali. Students discovered that Diwali is a time to recognize new beginnings and celebrate the triumph of light over dark, good over evil and the blessings of victory, freedom and enlightenment. Collegiate 12th Grader Esha Mittal performed a dance for students as well.

Later in the day, Collegiate 4th Graders in Sonya Smith’s class heard from Dr. Reena Gupta and Dr. Gauri Gulati, mothers of their classmates Arya and Shiv. The two moms helped the class make Rangoli, Indian art projects, in celebration of Diwali. Dr. Gupta planned the event and brought in the art supplies. She shared how Diwali is a time to celebrate light over darkness and good over evil. Then, Dr. Gupta and Dr. Gulati described how their each of their families celebrate the festival. 

Additionally, several 2nd Graders gave a presentation about the holiday to their class and then were asked to share their story with Junior Kindergartners. 

“It was a great opportunity to learn more about the Festival of Lights in a small setting,” said JK teacher Rives Barksdale.