Kimberly Hines

Kindergarten Teacher
Be nice. Work hard. Words to live by no matter what your age. When you enter the classroom of Kindergarten teacher Kimberly Hines, a sign greets you with the reminder — a favorite saying of her former principal who encouraged teachers and students alike to follow the simple advice.

“Anyone can do those two things regardless of age or ability level,” said Mrs. Hines, “Just try your best and be nice and people will remember that.”

Mrs. Hines graduated with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Longwood University and is certified to teach Pre-K-6th Grades. A former Kindergarten teacher in Chesterfield County for 10 years, she taught first at Matoaca Elementary School for five years, followed by five years at Bon Air Elementary School.

Mrs. Hines often ran into former colleagues who taught at Collegiate School, and they would talk about how wonderful their experience was. She heeded their advice that should she ever be ready to make a change, that she should consider looking at Collegiate. Now she works with not just two, but three former colleagues.

Life as a Collegiate Kindergarten teacher has been fulfilling in many ways.

“I love interacting with the students in my classroom and other Kindergarten classes,” she said, “but I also love meeting students through coaching.”

Collegiate is a community rife with special traditions. It can be hard to pick a favorite. For Mrs. Hines, seeing her Kindergarteners with their seniors has been rewarding.

“They are so excited each time we are able to spend time with our seniors,” she said. “It’s so sweet to see your Kindergartener on the shoulders of their senior.”

When she was a student, Mrs. Hines loved social studies and history. Although she was born in Maryland and lived in Virginia until shortly after her first birthday, Mrs. Hines didn’t live in the United States again until she started Kindergarten. Her father was in the Air Force and was stationed in Germany, which undoubtedly influenced her academic interests.

“I always enjoyed learning about people and places that are different from me,” she said, “and learning about the past.”

Working as a Kindergarten teacher at Collegiate has been a positive experience, and Mrs. Hines is particularly appreciative to those who have stopped by to say hello and welcome her to Collegiate.

“I value how teachers are treated with respect and trusted to teach children in developmentally appropriate ways,” she said.

– Aynsley Miller Fisher ’93