Collegiate Teachers Work to Enhance and Improve Outdoor Classrooms

Collegiate School Upper School Biology teacher Sandra Marr worked with colleagues and students over the summer to improve the outdoor classroom spaces on Collegiate’s Mooreland Road and Robins campuses. Important partners in Ms. Marr’s work included  Junior Kindergarten teacher Rives Barksdale, Middle School science teacher Ingrid Dunn, and Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship Programs Manager Anne Rusbdult.
Collaboratively and independently, the team worked to improve the spaces by weeding and trimming, and adding gravel and safety enhancements as well as providing project-based learning supplies. The physical labor afforded important opportunities to investigate how to make the outdoor classrooms and trails even more inviting for students and teachers in the future. 

As part of the “Collegiate Learns Together” workshops during faculty members’ first week back, Ms. Marr’s team presented curricular ideas and logistics for the two outdoor spaces to teachers in all three divisions. After the session, Middle School teacher Teresa Given shared that she is already thinking of ways to use the spaces with her 5th Grade boys and hopes to see much of Ms. Marr in the coming year.