Final All-School Meeting Celebrates 2018-19 School Year

Before heading out for the summer, Collegiate School faculty and staff gathered for a final All-School meeting, during which Chief Academic Officer Susan Droke presented awards, acknowledged retiring faculty members and thanked everyone for a successful school year.
Mrs. Droke recognized seven Collegiate faculty and staff members who are celebrating 20 years of service: Mark Chambers, George Cooke, Ernest Crump, Holly Fairlamb, Steve Hart, Jessica Jones and Patty Sinkler.

In addition, three faculty members were honored with a Hamill Award. The award, created by Susan and Bill Hamill and their daughters Blake ‘98 and Carter ‘01, recognizes individuals who have been teachers, coaches and counselors for 10 years or less.

The recipients were Lower School 2nd Grade teacher Liz Jessee Bruni '09, Middle School math teacher Mike Peters and Upper School science teacher Dave Privasky.

Mrs. Bruni was applauded for keeping both her students and the young field hockey athletes she coaches engaged and excited about learning. Mr. Peters’ insightful observations about his students and his finesse in expanding the already strong foundation of the swimming program were praised. Mr. Privasky was noted for having “Bill Nye’s passion and excitement for sharing science, and the kind-heartedness and gentle soul of the late PBS painter Bob Ross.”

In closing, Susan Droke quoted from chalk writings she noticed this week on a Lower School sidewalk: This way to summer. Go to the beach. Play in the rain. Read some good books. Enjoy each and every day with your family and friends.

“Thank you for an incredible school year,” Mrs. Droke said. “We are so grateful for each and every one of you.”
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