Sports WrapUp, Winter 2018-19

Sports Wrap-Up, Winter '18-'19
Winter Varsity Athletics Results
    17 - 9, LIS Semi-finalist, VISAA Quarter-finalist
             All-LIS:  Abby Freeman, Chandler Eddleton

   15 - 10, Prep League Semi-finalist
             All-Prep: Robbie Beran, Cody Patterson, Jackson Watkins
             All-Tournament Team: Robbie Beran (Co-Player of the Year)

nd Place LIS     
All-LIS: Caliyah Bennett, Regan Berger, Ashley D’Ambrosia, Lilly Hall, Sophia Warner, Madeleine Watkins, Sadie Woodhouse
     3rd Place Prep League
All-Prep: Liam Bellamy
     VISAA championship
            Collegiate's girls were State Runner-Up! 
            Collegiate's boys placed 3
rd in the state!
             All-State: Josh Spivey- 500M (1st), Donald Adams- long jump (2nd), Liam Bellamy- 1000 (2nd), Eliza Stone- high jump (2nd), Sadie Woodhouse- shot put (2nd)
             All-State (2nd)Donald Adams, Zaed Karabatek, Thomas Lucy, Nigel Williams- 4 x 200
             All-State (2nd): Liam Bellamy, Sam Hart, Ian Quindoza, Johnny White- 4 x 800
             All-State Honorable Mention (3rd): Sara Bartzen, Maddie Ball, Caliyah Bennett, Regan Berger, Maggie Bostain, Ashley D’Ambrosia, Catherine Horner, JP Mintz, Alfred Stratford, Sophia Warner, Johnny White

     Green: 18 - 3, Valentine’s Classic Runner-Up!
     Gold: 7 - 13
     Valentine’s Classic All-Tournament Team: Will Neuner (Green), Robert Westermann (Gold)
th Place Prep League, 20th Place VISAA
            All-State: Marshall Campbell (3rd), Milan Mehta (6th), Sky Song (7th)
           VAWA: Marcella Leonard-Jackson (3rd), Jenna Raggio (4th), Amanda Tan (4th
nd Place LIS     
All-LIS: Elyse Cram, Sally Ennis, Emily Kantner, Avery Rogers
     2rd Place Prep League
All-Prep: Zach Cram (Prep League Co-Swimmer of the Year), Stephen Laming, Christian Mayr, Liam Ryan
     VISAA championship: State Runner Up! (Girls & Boys)
            State Swimmer of the Meet: Zach Cram
All-State: Leslie Albrecht, Gabby Chen, Zach Cram, Sally Ennis, Mackenzie Ferguson, Stephen Laming, Christian Mayr, Iain Moore, Liam Ryan
            LIS: Lilly Hall (2nd), Ann Ross Westermann (7th), Dina Mahoney (8th), Lily Crawford (10th)
            PREP LEAGUE: Aaron Moore (5th), Stewart Berling (7th), Shaan Kapadia (11th)
            VISAA: Lilly Hall (3rd), Aaron Moore (8th), Stewart Berling (14th), Lily Crawford (15th)
                   All-State: Lilly Hall