Upper School Capstone Classes Present Culminating Projects

Four senior Capstone classes presented projects that are the culmination of their semester-long studies:
In the River City Capstone, students studied how Richmond developed around the James River and researched different neighborhoods to learn how the city developed, what stories need to be heard to better understand Richmond's history and culture, and where we are now. Students created audio walking tours of neighborhoods, as part of a program called RightHereOnce, founded by sound artist Vaughn Whitney Garland.

As part of the International Emerging Leaders – Americas Capstone, students presented solutions for issues facing Sacred Heart Center, a Richmond nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Latino community. This year's focus was on how to reach more of the community.

The Global Public Health Capstone students spent the second half of the semester working on service learning consulting projects with nonprofits in the public health sector, domestically with Bon Secours and internationally with Midwives for Haiti and World Pediatric Project. Students were tasked with finding ways to address some of the challenges facing these nonprofits.

While in China, The International Emerging Leaders – Asia Capstone students photo documented their travel to later demonstrate their understanding of five class themes: borders, people, patriotism, economy and family. The final project is a collection of captioned photos demonstrating their growing understanding of China and the Chinese people. Students shared their work in Lower School and Middle School Chinese classes and a selection of their favorite images and captions are on display in Sharp Academic Commons.