Head of School Honored at Upper School Assembly

Following Senior Speeches, acknowledgements and performances at the Collegiate Upper School Assembly this morning, Head of School Steve Hickman, who will retire at the end of the school year, received a gift from the entire student body.
At the start of the assembly, Collegiate Athletic Director Karen Doxey recognized 14 seniors who will go on to play NCAA Division I or Division III athletics, followed by four seniors who gave their speeches, one of which included a dance performance. Next, the Five-Day Strings Group, led by 10th Grader Donovan Williams and 11th Grader J.P. Mintz, both on violin, performed an original piece Donovan composed. The group dedicated the song to Mr. Hickman in appreciation of his support of the arts at Collegiate.

Annie Mahoney and Zaed Karabatek, Student Cooperative Association co-presidents, expressed their gratitude for all Mr. Hickman has done for students and the School.

“For the past five years, we have been so fortunate to have been led by Mr. Hickman,” Annie said. “His support has been steadfast, earnest and always geared toward helping others. He has made us all better by making everyone around him the focus.”

Zaed recalled seeing Mr. Hickman at his final football game, wearing his signature gold Collegiate cap.

“As Mr. Hickman watched over our team huddle, I was overcome by a feeling of community,” Zaed said. “I will forever miss seeing him in his cap at all of our athletic events, performances and School events. On behalf of the entire Upper School, thank you for being there for us.”

Zaed and Annie then presented Mr. Hickman with a frame containing several photographs of him in his Collegiate cap.

A visibly moved Mr. Hickman approached the podium and told the students that although he usually was not at a loss for words, he was today.

“This has been the greatest honor of my life serving as your Head of School,” he said. “I will miss it greatly. I’ll miss wearing that gold cap. But most of all, I’ll miss seeing all of you. This School is about its people. You are what makes this place special. I know that will continue for a long, long time. Thank you.”
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