Colonial Living Museum Brings History Alive

Beginning in Centennial Hall, Collegiate School 3rd Graders escorted parents and friends throughout the Lower School this morning to showcase the Colonial Living Museum, the annual culmination of the grade-level social studies curriculum.
The students have studied the Colonial era this year, beginning with an exploratory field trip to Colonial Williamsburg. A second trip to Williamsburg allowed students the chance to interview Colonial Williamsburg employees before diving into their research with the guiding question, How can we create museum exhibits and plan an event that represents the jobs, clothing, shelter and food of Colonial Williamsburg?

A fife and drums corps led guests to museum exhibits in the classrooms, where students spoke about an area of expertise and shared a created artifact. Next, parents were escorted around the Lower School campus where they chose between hearing African storytelling, watching Colonial dancing, meeting weavers, talking with the fife and drum corp, observing a Dash robot navigate a Colonial Williamsburg map and playing with student-made Colonial toys.

The Colonial Living Museum keeps students more engaged and shows them that they have the ability to apply skills we have been working toward, such as doing research, says 3rd Grade teacher Lauren Brown.

“We are trying to prepare students to seek out knowledge in a more authentic way and guide them to take more control of their learning,” she said.
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