Upper School Human Anatomy Class Speaker Series Concludes

Over the past semester, Collegiate School juniors and seniors studying human anatomy have enjoyed learning from a number of Richmond-area medical professionals.
Upper School science teacher Dave Privasky, who teaches the class, organized the impressive list of speakers, who ranged from physicians to nurses to surgeons to chiropractors to advisors of health science careers.
“My goal this semester was to bring more information about career possibilities to my students,” he said. “These medical professionals gave advice and shared their educational journeys as well as taught incredibly challenging content to our students.”
The list of speakers included:
Dr. Seth Leibowitz, Executive Director of Health Science Programs and Advising at Virginia Commonwealth University, shared many of the right and wrong choices that college students make when choosing a health science program. Only 12% of pre-health students actually get into a professional level program. Dr. Leibowitz shared his four reasons why 88% don’t make it. He gave students many options to consider and explained different health science career paths that they can pursue in the future.
Pediatric and infusion nurse Ellen Geho told students about her career and what it was like to work in a hospital. Her colleague, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse Becky Sease, also shared stories and experiences from her career. Together, they explained their educational journeys, detailed the ins and outs of life as nurses and taught students how to do common lab work procedures using tourniquets, butterfly needles, vacutainers and lab tubes for blood collection.
Dermatologist and skin care specialist Dr. Christine Rausch led students through a step-by-step procedure of Mohs micrographic surgery. The surgery is a highly effective technique that removes skin cancers under complete microscopic control using mapping techniques. Dr. Rausch shared her career path and the challenges of opening her own practice and business. She also took students through a detailed slideshow of skin cancer prevention and surgeries.
Dr. Jim Holland of Holland Family Chiropractic has run a chiropractic practice in Richmond for 20 years. He instructed students about the musculoskeletal aspects of the human body and how the central and peripheral nervous system functions. Dr. Holland emphasized that the human body is an amazing self-healing organism with the power to recover and heal from most injuries.
Dr. Paul Caldwell, orthopaedic surgeon and member of the Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Team at Tuckahoe Orthopaedics, led students through a shoulder anatomy presentation, including an arthroscopic tour of the shoulder. Using a recent student-athlete’s injury, Dr. Caldwell guided students through the surgical process and rotator cuff repair. One student later commented, “I’ve never seen anything like that before.”
Mr. Privasky expressed his appreciation for all of the speakers, who were willing to give of their time, energy and tremendous knowledge.
“I am so thankful for this amazing community of professionals who want the absolute best for our students,” he said. “Truly inspired, our students now have a much better understanding of the work that happens in local clinics and hospitals every day.”
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