United Nations Communications Officer Speaks to Upper Schoolers

Collegiate School today welcomed United Nations Communications Officer Felipe Queipo to speak to three senior Capstone classes about how the intergovernmental organization assists the 193 nations who belong to it.
Mr. Queipo began his U.N. career in the Department of Public Information (DPI) in 2008 working on NGO relations and advocacy. He currently oversees outreach, engagement and global communications with civil society organizations in the department, while also serving as the primary contact for faith-based organizations and facilitating the U.N.’s understanding their issues.

He leads the team that organizes the "Focus on Faith" briefings within the department, an initiative that studies the links between faith traditions and religious organizations, and the work and mission of the U.N. The Focus on Faith series has explored, amongst other themes, the role that gender plays in religious institutions, the contribution of religious organizations in preventing violent extremism, as well as the efforts to address the refugee and migrants crises around the globe.

While on campus, Mr. Queipo addressed three senior Capstone classes — IEL - Americas, Global Public Health, and Sustainable Solutions to the Future of Food. He shared information about what the U.N. does (“We make sure all 193 countries talk with each other.”), his role there (“I get to help make the world a better place.”) and how the organization strives to achieve peace. (“We have to appeal to humanity. No poverty, no hunger. That is the definition of peace now.”)

He also answered students’ questions about the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the organization’s Agenda 2030 plan of action hopes to solve by that year. Aside from eradicating poverty and hunger, other goals include quality education, gender equality and clean water and sanitation.

“We have to be optimistic and realistic, but all of these goals are achievable,” Mr. Queipo said. “We just need the commitment.”