Fourth Grade Innovation Expo Inspires 3rd Graders

Collegiate School’s Burke Hall was abuzz with excitement this morning as 3rd Graders enjoyed the STEAM-related games and activities that 4th Graders created with them in mind.
This year’s 4th Grade Innovation Expo featured 42 original projects that teams of students in the grade produced to demonstrate the acquired science, technology and engineering knowledge they have gained throughout their time in Lower School, with an emphasis on coding and robotics.

Numerous stations, including robotics, board games and vehicles, featured specific activities and experiences for 3rd Graders to explore, such as a Paint, Spin & Art turntable and an Ozobot race.

Evie Watt said she was excited to see how the coding she has been learning this year in 3rd Grade teacher Lauren Brown’s class will help her create a project next year. Frank Becker, Lower School STEAM Coordinator and engineering teacher, said the Expo offers an excellent opportunity for the students to bring to life what they’ve learned in Lower School. He commended the 4th Graders for persisting through design challenges and problem-solving with the members of their small groups.

“It’s a struggle in the beginning,” he said, noting that 4th Graders began working on their projects in early January. “There were many iterations before they (achieved) their final designs.”

Middle and Upper School STEAM Coordinator Dan Bartels wandered through the Expo, delighting in the students’ delight.

“I can’t wait to work with them,” Mr. Bartels said. “I’m gonna need a bigger room.”