Where Does The Water Go When It Rains At Collegiate?

Using a digitized topographical map on iPads, 2nd Graders in Mr. Becker’s Engineering class traced the path of water when it rains at Collegiate discovering that some of the traveling water runs into a creek called George’s Branch that crisscrosses through Collegiate’s campus and eventually reaches the Chesapeake Bay.
The engineering work has been supported by science teacher Ms. Bright who had 2nd Grade students exlploring chemical and physical weathering as well as exploring slow land changes. Students applied force to model physical weathering and demonstrated chemical weathering by applying vinegar to graham crackers.  

The visuals helped students understand the impact of weather and chemicals on land changes. Discussions about other earth processes including water and wind erosion and the impact of stormwater runoff is ongoing as is thinking of creative problem solving ideas involving possible solutions including previous structures and plants that help keep earth in place despite the forces of mother nature.