Middle School Teacher Welcomes Guest from China

Collegiate Middle School P.E. teacher Mark Newlen spent six weeks in China this past summer serving as a volunteer basketball camp and clinic director for Chinese coaches and athletes, and running practices for two elite championship teams. Recently, he had the honor of hosting Peter Lui, the organizer of the camp in Beijing, during Mr. Lui's 12-day visit to the United States. Coach Newlen escorted Mr. Lui to various Collegiate Middle School Chinese language classes, where students chatted with him in Mandarin, and to a Middle School history class. 
t was an opportunity for Mr. Lui to meet Collegiate students who are eager to learn about Chinese culture and for students to meet a native of China and hear firsthand about his experiences growing up and working in the country. 
"We became good friends and he is visiting me as well as several other Virginia coaches, high school and college teams and attending a sports leadership conference during his two weeks in the States," Coach Newlen said. "The world is becoming so interconnected and China is a very influential country on the world stage. This will especially be true for this generation of (Collegiate) students. The more we learn about each other and learn to respect each other will be crucial to the world our students will be living in."