SYRA Founded by Collegiate 6th Grade Students

Collegiate School 6th Graders this year founded Syrian Youth Refugee Association (SYRA), an club aimed at aiding those affected by the ongoing war in that country. The students were inspired to create the club after studying immigration and refugees in 4th Grade. Their studies spurred them on to learn more about Syrian refugees and how they might better serve them.
The guiding question for SYRA is How might we raise global awareness and support for refugees that feel forgotten? In response to that question, the 6th Graders designed a mural that symbolizes the messages Syrian refugee children want to share with Collegiate and the world, and represents the global friendship we all share.

SYRA is also providing educational supplies for and multimedia learning exchanges with Syrian refugees with assistance from Collegiate’s partner school in Lebanon, The American Community School in Beirut (ACSB), whose students and teachers work with Syrian refugee children in the nearby Bourj el Barajneh refugee camp.