Collegiate 4th Grade Performs "An American Mosaic"

America is often referred to as a “melting pot,” bringing people together from various backgrounds to create a society based on equality, freedom, and liberty. Throughout United States history, there have been many distinguished figures that have led movements to advocate for equal rights of all people in America’s diverse community. Collegiate’s Lower School 4th graders have extensively studied these stories and presented them in a culminating production on March 16 called “An American Mosaic.”
The students took the audience back in time and traced American history all the way to the its roots in 1776. They began with a description of the fundamental principles this country was founded upon through the words of one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, in The Declaration of Independence. Through songs and an array of pictures, the 4th graders established the precedents and guiding principles set forth by the Constitution that have shaped the subsequent events in United States history.

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