Collegiate Hosts New York Lacrosse Players

A group of high school students from New York visited the Richmond area last weekend as guests of Collegiate School lacrosse players and their families. It was the third time Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership (HLL) has come to the area to participate in clinics and play pickup games with athletes on lacrosse teams at Collegiate and Highland Springs High School.
During their stay, the HLL athletes also visited the University of Richmond and Randolph-Macon College.

HLL is a nonprofit organization that uses lacrosse to engage underserved youths from low-income areas of New York City by fostering teamwork, leadership and dedication.

“It was valuable for the kids to be pushed and challenged in ways that they generally are not on the field, and also to gain some genuine confidence by experiencing some success against high-level competition,” said Owen Van Arsdale, Director of High School Programs for the Harlem Lacrosse League. “Collegiate also modeled a true ‘team’ for our guys. Many of our students pointed out how their group is always positive, supports one another, looks forward to the next task regardless of how the last one ended and celebrates one another's accomplishments.”

Andrew Stanley, Collegiate’s varsity lacrosse coach and Associate Athletic Director, said the rewards were mutual.

"Visiting with and playing with the Harlem Lacrosse athletes benefits our kids as much as the HLL athletes feel they've benefited," Coach Stanley said. "They are impressive kids, on and off the field, and the ability for our kids to develop meaningful relationships with their peers from another part of the country is an invaluable opportunity for our kids’ development as young men."