Responsible Citizenship
“In today’s times, providing a curriculum and programs that allow students and faculty to challenge their assumptions, engage with others in the broader community and push their boundaries of understanding and empathy has never been more important. I am grateful for the JK-12 impact the Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship has on our learners."
Sara Boisvert
Director, Powell Institute for Responsible Citizenship
Responsible Citizenship Team
Collegiate aspires to instill responsible citizenship through sustainability, valuing and understanding the interconnectedness of human and natural systems, and taking action so that they may thrive. The Four Guiding Principles of the Center for Ecoliteracy’s “Smart by Nature” framework provide structure for how educators can approach education for sustainability: Nature is our teacher; Sustainability is a community practice; The real world is the optimal learning environment; Sustainable living is rooted in a deep knowledge of place.

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