Responsible Citizenship
Sustainability integrates ecoliterate practices that enable the community to value and understand the interconnectedness of human and natural systems and to take action for both to thrive.  

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  • Lower School

    Lower School students engage in composting by separating compostable lunchroom trash and hauling it to the garden’s compost pile. Students learn about organic gardening concepts and practices, and then actively participate in fertilizing garden beds.
  • Middle School

    6th Grade students participate in the Riparian Area Service Project, designed to reforest the habitat for migratory bird species. Based on the book Wonder, this service learning experience incorporates the themes of care and kindness to all living things.
  • Upper School

    Students in Upper School AP Environmental Science engage in a land use planning project by designing a community, assessing and providing for all needs, while incorporating the most sustainable practices for food production, energy, waste disposal and housing.
“Mentoring students to ask their own questions about both human and biological diversity is central to addressing sustainability in a rapidly changing world. Sustainable cultural and environmental practices are deeply intertwined, and our work to connect students’ hearts and minds to the natural world empowers them to honor their personal impacts in the communities in which they interact."
Sandra Marr
Director, Sustainability

Responsible Citizenship Team