Responsible Citizenship
Inclusion ensures that all members of a community feel fully respected and valued through consistent work across all areas of school life.

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  • Lower School

    As a part of their immigration unit and through the power of storytelling, Collegiate 4th Graders learn about the personal experiences of immigrants and refugees from School alumni, parents, and current families. From our diverse community voices, empathy builds, and our 4th Graders then connect with local non-profits to learn more about identified needs in our local refugee community. The students partner with the organizations to provide services or items to help fulfill these needs.
  • Middle School

    The 5th Grade history curriculum focuses on ancient civilizations, including the basic tenets of the five major world religions. Students visit places of worship in Richmond to learn more about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.
  • Upper School

    During designated advisory sessions Upper School students learn more about and practice the skills of civil dialogue, supplementing work that occurs in the classroom. Collegiate's definition of civil dialogue is adapted from the Institute for Global Change, "in a dialogue, there are two winners. I learn from you, you learn from me. We may compromise or agree to differ. It is profoundly reciprocal and acknowledges similarity and difference equally. Participation in dialogue drives students to acquire and practice higher-level thinking skills and to honestly and respectfully engage with a range of viewpoints."