Responsible Citizenship
Economic literacy instills in students the foundations of economic education and financial literacy through experiences in and out of the classroom.

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  • Lower School

    Kindergartners collaborate to create their own shoe store, learning about economics and empathy. Throughout the process, the project incorporates math (counting, sorting, tallying and graphing), social studies (alike and different), economics (goods vs. services, buying/selling, supply/demand) and responsible citizenship (developing empathy for others and understanding community needs). Proceeds from their shoe sales are donated to United Methodist Family Services so that the organization can purchase new shoes for foster children.
  • Middle School

    The 5th Grade’s Stock Market Game mimics real-world economics as students use an online program to make connections between math, business, economics and social studies while focusing on the importance of long-term saving and investing.
  • Upper School

    The Darr-Davis Endowment Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. J.Harwood Cochrane in memory of Susan Darr and Catherine Davis. The fund serves as an endowment with the investments directed by students, and the income used to fund student activities through a student-led grant allocation process. The goals of the Darr-Davis Investment Club are to increase the amount of money in the Darr-Davis fund and fairly distribute the money between non-athletic and non-social clubs.
"A foundational understanding of economics sparks curiosity giving rise to intriguing questions that help students grasp the complexities of meeting unlimited wants and needs with limited resources. By nurturing entrepreneurial thinkers in tandem with economic literacy programs, students develop the skills and dispositions to reimagine the use of limited resources to achieve new and different outcomes, ever mindful of the impact of their choices on others."
Trina Clemans
Director Economic and Entrepreneurship Education
Responsible Citizenship Team