To kick off the remainder of our virtual Art Walk 2020, we will showcase divisional exhibitions. For this year’s theme of “Grow,” Collegiate art teachers wondered if a trajectory of growth would be apparent over time if they curated a series of related images from every grade, JK-12. “In this collection of 14 images, we have focused specifically on artwork that incorporates nature as content: plants, flowers, animals and landscapes. We have also tried to include as many different media as possible to showcase the wide range of class offerings and experiences that Collegiate affords its students.” - Upper School Fine Arts Co-Chair Pam Sutherland.
As we begin to showcase art from the Middle School this week, we continue our curated investigation of growth over time with our students. Not only does nature grow, but so do bodies. “This collection of 13 images walks the viewer through the ways our Collegiate students, JK-12th Grade, represent the figure over time, growing not only their skills of depiction, but their awareness of themselves as makers.” - Upper School Fine Arts Co-Chair Pam Sutherland

Art Walk By Division