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"At the core of daily school life stands the unwavering commitment to know every child well. This straightforward and profound commitment is powerful because it works. If you are seeking a learning environment that can help unleash your child’s unique potential, I encourage you to explore Collegiate School."
Steve Hickman
Head of School
For a century, Collegiate School has been rooted in its call to responsible citizenship. This guiding philosophy permeates the Collegiate School experience, inspiring Collegiate graduates to embrace their obligation to serve and make a difference in our world. We believe that outstanding student achievement, superior teaching and innovative programs are the bedrocks of that philosophy, guaranteeing that each student possesses the opportunity to realize his or her unique potential. We believe that a sense of spirited belonging that fosters life-changing relationships and instills enduring values provides the ethical framework for moral decision-making and principled action. We believe that the Collegiate School experience is unlike any other.

Carrying The Torch

A compilation of Steve Hickman's thoughts, perspective and point of view.

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  • A New School Year, Another Great Start

    You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so...get on your way!
    — Dr. Seuss

    Dear Collegiate School Community,
    I am hopeful that summer break is proving to be a nice respite for your family, allowing opportunities for meaningful time together. Soon, another chapter of the Collegiate story will begin, and I have no doubt that as Dr. Seuss declares in the much-quoted lines above this letter, together we have great places to go and amazing mountains to climb.
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  • Head of School Report 2017-18

    Did you do your best today?

    Growing up, I was asked this question most every day by my mother. Although she cared greatly about results, I believe her goal in asking this question so often was to help me develop a mindset and discipline around effort and persistence that would serve me well no matter the challenge. She believed firmly that every day represented an opportunity to get a bit better. The determination to get a bit better every day has defined the Collegiate School spirit for generations. It is in that spirit that I share with you the 2017-18 Head of School Report.
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  • Social Media and Your Collegiate Student

    Next week, we will welcome back to the Collegiate campus Katie Greer, a nationally recognized expert in helping young people stay safe in our technology-driven world. Although we believe that technology has a very supportive role to play in the overall education of our young people, the use of technology can also result in negative consequences. Recently, Donna Orem, President of the National Association of Independent Schools, had this to say about technology:

    To stay ahead of all consequences of technology — both positive and negative — we need to keep up with the latest research and trends. We need to provide students, teachers and staff with resources that help them establish positive relationships with technology. And we need to establish far-reaching and holistic policies, tied in with our wellness goals, that help foster digital citizenship on our campuses.
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