• March

    For a Greater Purpose

    Their prep work was complete.
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  • Winter Varsity Awards 2019

    Continue reading for the awards distributed at the Winter Varsity Athletic Awards Ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019.
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  • KJ Rodgers, Sophie Mitchell, Iain Moore, Zaed Karabatek, Sally Ennis

    Five College Recruited Athletes Recognized

    Five Collegiate School student-athletes signed letters to commit to playing athletics in college next year. The students, along with their families, coaches, Collegiate faculty and friends, gathered to sign their letters donning the baseball caps of their respective future schools.
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  • Unsung Senior Athletes, Winter 2019

    Meet the latest class of Unsung Seniors, an industrious and dedicated group of Collegiate athletes who made notable, if understated, contributions to the culture and success of their teams during the winter of 2018-2019.
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  • February

    Sports Wrap-Up, Winter '18-'19

    Continue reading for season finishes for the winter.
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  • Kevin Coffey honors his mentors as he spoke at his Benedictine High School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony

    No Pretense, Just Excellence

    There was no hype. No fanfare. No cameras. No reporters. Certainly no crowded auditorium. No suspense, either.
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  • Carter Hamill Backus '01 in the final straightaway of the 1999 VISAA cross country championship meet.

    Always at Her Best

    In a world where hyperbole seems the order of the day, what you’re about to read is anything but.
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  • Photos Compliments of Doug Watkins

    It's How You Respond

    Adversity introduces a man to himself.
                 Albert Einstein
    Ain’t fair. Definitely ain’t fair.
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  • January

    "Oh...you wrestle?"

    One day when Marcella Leonard-Jackson was shopping at the Walmart in Mechanicsville, a woman noticed her gray sweatshirt with COLLEGIATE WRESTLING imprinted across the front and asked her a question which, she well understands, comes with the territory.
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  • Two Collegiate Coaches Inducted Into Their High School Halls of Fame

    Congratulations to two Collegiate School coaches, who will be inducted into their high school Athletic Halls of Fame.
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  • The Cougars Will Be Just Fine

    There’s an old saying that sports don’t build character, they reveal it.
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  • Photos Compliments of Roman Lifson

    Finding That Silver Lining

    It’s been a journey – that’s for sure – and a long one at that.
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  • 2005 Football

    The Sheer Joy of Team

    Induction into Collegiate’s Athletic Hall of Fame is a testament to sweat, perseverance, innate ability and, ultimately, splendid achievement.
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  • MatCats

    Wrestling Program Day

    On Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, Collegiate School hosted a wrestling match and welcomed Model Secondary School for the Deaf, St. Christopher's School and the rest of the Collegiate wrestling program, including its youngest crowd, the MatCats.
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  • TDIT photos compliments of Doug Watkins

    True to Their Plan

    Years ago, there was this commercial that seemed to air every time you turned on your television where a guy smacked his face with his after-shave doused hand, smiled (or frowned or screamed, depending on the version), then exclaimed, “Thanks, I needed that!”
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