• May

    Laura Fields

    Community, Connections, and Kids

    What’s it all meant?
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  • Art, Running, and Life

    The day was hot, and the pool looked oh, so enticing.
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  • Ray Crouch (left) and his good friend Claud Whitley

    Ray Will Prevail

    Meet Ray Crouch.
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  • No Excuses, Just Play

    A lacrosse ball has a diameter of 2.5 inches and weighs a seemingly benign five ounces.
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  • April

    Karen Doxey and her daughter Brooks, a senior at Wake Forest and the 2014 Richmond Times-Dispatch field hockey player of the year.

    Truly a Class Act

    Early this week, I emailed Karen Doxey to ask if she had a few minutes to talk. Didn’t mention a subject. Could have been anything, as far as she knew. She’s Collegiate’s director of athletics, after all. People call and drop by regularly so it’s not unusual when one of her coaches requests a bit of her time.
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  • Richard Bagby and Sarah Peavey

    Hidden Gifts

    The words always seem so well-intentioned.
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  • Brenda Conlan, a Cape Cod-based prevention specialist, spoke to Collegiate's Middle School students and parents this week about positive lifestyle decisions.

    Educating for Life

    Throughout her 24 years as a prevention specialist, Brenda Conlan has educated students, parents, and faculty at literally hundreds of schools around the globe about the hazards of the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
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  • Thoughts on the Shot Clock

    Several weeks ago, USA Basketball issued a recommendation that a 24-second shot clock should become part of high school hoops.
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  • Checkmates

    When Scott Phillips took his seat to play the make-or-break round of the Greater Richmond High School Chess League championship tournament held at Deep Run High School one recent Saturday morning, he understood full well that all eyes would be fixed squarely upon him.
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  • Honoring Her Extraordinary Gift

    Teresa Crenshaw was nice to call.
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  • Helen Coulson has served as Collegiate's director of instrumental music since 1993.

    A Culture of Excellence

    The day was damp, cold, and about as disagreeable as it could get.
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  • March

    Mark Newlen in action against Clemson


    If you’re even a casual fan of University of Virginia men’s basketball, no doubt you watched with incredulity and amazement as University of Maryland, Baltimore County dispatched the Cavaliers 74-54 in the first round of the NCAA tournament 12 days ago.
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  • Frank Mountcastle '83 hits a free throw in Collegiate's 44-41 victory over St. Bridget in 1979.  His 30-foot shot at the buzzer in regulation sent the game into overtime.

    One Shining Moment

    Time passes quickly. Events fade from memory, then disappear, never to return. Some, though, are just too powerful, too compelling, too stunning to forget. Years later, you see them as clearly as if they occurred the day before. You play them over in your head. The sequence never changes. The emotion endures.
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  • Grace and Class

    I don’t know Tony Bennett.
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  • Beyond Dedicated

    It was a warm, sunny early-summer day, and Caroline Hall, all of eight years old, was gleefully bounding off the 1-meter diving board at the Kanawha Recreation Association pool.
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  • Practice Makes Excellent

    How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
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  • February

    Children's book writer Adam Gidwitz visited Collegiate's Middle School today to share his passion for story-telling and writing.

    A Passion for Storytelling

    One day back in 2008, Adam Gidwitz was subbing in the library at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn when he experienced a Eureka moment.
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  • Unsung Senior Athletes, Winter 2018

    Please join me, folks, in congratulating the latest class of Unsung Seniors, six Collegiate athletes who made notable, if understated, contributions to the success of their teams during the winter athletic season of 2017-2018.
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  • The foyer in the Jacobs Gym honors Jean and Dick Wiltshire

    The Perfect Complement

    Visitors to the Jacobs Gymnasium this school year have passed through a recently refurbished space now known as the Jean and Dick Wiltshire Foyer.
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  • 2018 Prep League Swimming and Diving Champions

    Goal, Plan, Championship

    Something had to give.
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  • Triple Threat

    No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. There’s no misprint. There are really three “A. Freeman” entries in the box score of Collegiate’s girls varsity basketball games.
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  • Mark Newlen has taught Middle School physical education at Collegiate since 1989.

    From the Ashes

    The phoenix hope can wing her way through the desert skies and, still defying fortune’s spite, arise from ashes and revive.
           - Miguel de Cervantes
    Mark Newlen has learned far more than he could ever have imagined about the flight of the phoenix.
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  • The Arthur Ashe Statue stands at the intersection of Roseneath and Monument.  February 6 marks the 25th anniversary of the native Richmonder's passing.

    His Light Shines Forever

    Tennis! I thought. Why in the world is this guy asking me to write about tennis? I’ve never played the sport. Never even seen a whole match. Certainly don’t know the finer points of the game. You hold the skinny end of the racquet. Right? Hit the ball over the net. Try to keep it inside the lines. OK. I get it. But wait. Really. I don’t have a clue.
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  • Coach Del Harris (hands up) motivates the troops.

    Lessons Learned. Next Up...

    The wins were piling up. The poll voters were taking notice. Local media outlets were telling their story. The guys on Collegiate’s varsity boys’ basketball team were walking tall and riding high.
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  • January

    The Consummate Gentleman

    It was all in fun, or so they thought. Intentions and perceptions often differ, you see. Sometimes, they differ drastically.
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  • Tom, Sally, and Alice Chambers

    Our Heart, Our Soul, Our Inspiration

    Right time. Right place. Right person.
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  • Photos courtesy of Robin Reifsnider

    Owning the Experience

    We’re three weeks into January, and it’s already been one of those all-you-could-ask-for seasons for Collegiate’s boys varsity basketball team.
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  • Photos courtesy of Robin Reifsnider

    The Evolution of Tierra Morris

    There’s never a dull moment.
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  • Max Schnur '11, a professional tennis player, will return to action in late January following a hiatus to care for an elbow injury.

    A Visit With Max Schnur '11

    The pain is gone. Actually, the pain has been gone for a while now. The rehab? Over and done with, at long last. The touch? It’s returning. The desire? Never left.
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  • Allen Chamberlain (left) and colleague Melanie Barker in the Saunders Family Library

    "She Forever Changed Our School"

    Allen Chamberlain loved her job.
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  • Imagining Peace

    Here I sit on New Year’s Eve, in the comfort of my den, watching that huge Waterford Crystal ball descend in Times Square signaling the beginning of 2018.
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