Board Diversity Statement

Collegiate School is a community of learners committed to seeking and welcoming students, faculty and staff who represent the multicultural community and world in which we live. We believe that the education we offer in our school is greatly enhanced when many traditions, backgrounds and perspectives are given expression in school activities. We aspire to create an inclusive environment which promotes engaged citizenship and encourages compassionate leadership.
Our concept of diversity and multiculturalism is dynamic and serves a vision at Collegiate where all members of the community find in our school a sense of belonging and a supportive place to reach their full potential.

Our commitment to be a diverse and inclusive school community is founded in our core philosophy, values and purpose. We affirm our foundation in the Judeo-Christian tradition while seeking to invite and serve people of all faiths and beliefs. (Read more here about religion at Collegiate School). Our core value of “respect” means that we believe in the worth and dignity of each individual regardless of differences. Making Collegiate a more inclusive community also upholds our dedication to excellence by equipping our graduates with the intellectual and interpersonal skills necessary for success in college and throughout their lives.

Our vision for Collegiate requires hard work, continual focus and creative new initiatives. We will actively seek prospective students, faculty and staff who represent the breadth of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives that can enrich our school. We will always strive to create a climate of inclusion in our school that fosters understanding among all members of our community. We will challenge our students through a broad curriculum that reflects a variety of cultures and perspectives. We are motivated by Collegiate’s ongoing progress towards greater diversity and dedicated to making this progress a vital part of our school’s commitment to students’ character and academic excellence.