Jeffrey Robertson 110% Award (Baseball)

The Jeffrey Scott Robertson 110% Award for Baseball was created to honor Jeffrey, a former Collegiate baseball player who passed away in 2003. The award is given to the individual who hustles and gives everything he's got - not necessarily the best baseball player - but certainly a player who demonstrates determination, commitment and heart, as Jeffrey himself did.
Past recipients of this award are:

2006-2007     Will Stettinius

2007-2008     Robert Friddell

2008-2009     Andrew Bronson

2009-2010     Ben Bruni

2010-2011     Grayson Thornton

2011-2012     Brooks Slotterback

2012-2013     William Walker

2013-2014     Brian Davia

2014-2015     John Mackie Chase

2015-2016     Benton Lowe Greer

2017-2018     Travis Reifsnider

2018-2019     Connor James Romanosky