Expeditions: History Through an Astronomical Lens

Courtney Schweickart, Daniel Bartels, Stew Williamson
Rising 10th – Rising 12th Graders
June 10 – July 5 •  8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday
No class on Wednesday, July 4
$1,095 per session
The human experience on Earth has developed alongside events in the skies above us – some obvious, some not so obvious. There have been spectacular one-time events such as supernovae that have been documented in the historical records of many cultures and civilizations and many more periodic events each differing vastly with each other in terms of their respective periods – the cycle of night and day, the phases of the moon, the seasons, years, the solar cycle, the regular return of comets to name a few. The period of these events range from a day to decades. The regularity of these astronomical events have shaped our civilizations from our folklore to our technologies. In our traditional study of human events and the relationships between them, the orbit of Earth around its star is the implicit measure of the passage of time – the stage on which these human events are played – we mark the year in which events took place.
Students will explore the historical and scientific progress through the ages: starting with starlore and early civilizations, progressing through scientific and political revolutions and ending with the modern era. Each unit will be comprised of research and projects that build students understanding through collaboration, conversations and applications. The culminating event will be research projects demonstrating scientific and historical advances.
Courtney Schweickart began teaching in 2008 and he has taught history and religion at Collegiate School since 2014. She has taught with Summer Quest since 2015. Daniel Bartels is the STEAM coordinator for the Middle and Upper Schools at Collegiate. He has taught physics and mathematics since 2002 and has developed and mentored FIRST Robotics teams since 2004. Stew Williamson began teaching various science courses in 1997. He has been teaching physics at Collegiate since 2014.
For more information, contact the Summer Quest office at summerquest@collegiate-va.org.