Rob Kelly Spirit Award (Boys' Lacrosse)

The family and friends of Rob Kelly ’87 established a fund in 2002 to recognize the efforts of gifted student athletes whose spirit of leadership both in the classroom and on the athletic field exemplify outstanding, unwavering effort to achieve team goals. Rob was an honor student and gifted writer, receiving the E. Angus Powell Award for American Enterprise in his junior year. He was a member of an outstanding class of students who admired each other, worked well together and held the highest academic average to come through Collegiate at that time. He loved and excelled at football and lacrosse; the boys’ lacrosse team won the 1987 State Championship and was undefeated. Rob was an unrelenting voice in encouraging Collegiate’s spirit. The Rob Kelly Spirit Award recognizes those efforts. 
Rob’s endowment is to support boys’ lacrosse at Collegiate by providing income for equipment, travel and clinics for players and coaches alike. An award will be given annually to a lacrosse player that exemplifies Rob’s sense of spirit.
Past recipients of this award are:
2003 (Inaugural Year)  Ned Rider
2004  Hatton Taylor and Devon Kelley
2005  Hatton Taylor
2006  Andrew O'Shea, Mike Thompson, Michael Jarvis, Hunter Phillips

2007  Jeff Hartman

2008  James Taylor Christmas, Jr.

2009  Jacob Oliver

2010  Russell Harper & Alex Newsome

2011  Riley O'Shea

2012  Noboru Kobashigawa

2013  Stewart Mikell Roddey, Jr.

2014  Lee Strib Walker

2015  Nicholas Bradley Anders

2016  David Jeremy Maitland Innes

2018  Benjamin Thomas Tavenner

2019  Michael Robert Brost Jr.