Webb Sportsmanship Award

The Webb Sportsmanship Award is given to that senior female athlete who has demonstrated throughout her career at Collegiate the true spirit of sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. This is a tribute in itself to Mary Elizabeth Webb, the athletic director and coach at the Collegiate School for Girls from 1921- 1929. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
Past recipients of this award are:
1986      Kimberly Ellen Wright
1987      Charlotte Darden Remick AND Elizabeth Duke Campbell
1988      Virginia Lee Yowell
1989      Cameron Mills Freeman
1990      Laura Swift Miller
1991      Kelly Harris AND Lauren Megeath Melton
1992      Brooke Vaughan
1993      Melissa Tisnado
1994      Erin Smith
1995      Happy Vaughan AND Annie Hamlin
1996      Virginia Elizabeth Nuckols
1997      Emily Page Nelson
1998      Mary Meg Nuckols
1999      Liza Beaman Stutts
2000      Stephanie Brooks Shield
2001      Sarah Logan Hyslop
2002      Kristina Haines Tyler
2003      Blair Elizabeth Loughrie
2004      Virginia Bain Friddell
2005      Elizabeth Palmer Garson
2006      Francis Friddell
2007      Heather Peebles Garson AND Laura Christine Anderson
2008      Victoria Tyler O'Shea
2009      Allison Janet Albright
2010      Janie O'Connor & Taylor Thomas
2011      Ann Wallace Tazewell
2012      Ellen Hughes Davenport
2013      Sarah Austin Richardson
2014      Debra Brooks Doxey
2015      Sarah Anne Johnson
2016      Elizabeth Murray Fleming
2017      Brigid O’Shea
2018      Caroline Hall
2019      Rachel Lifson