Reed Athletic Award

The Reed Plaque is awarded annually in memory of Charles Larus Reed. This award is given to the senior girl who has contributed most to the athletic program through leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship and ability. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
Past recipients of this award are:
1952      Patsy McCaslin
1953      Pearson Grymes
1954      Carol Elizabeth Minor
1955      Aline Mead Payne
1956      Rebekah Brown Lee
1957      Judith Frances Vantrease
1958      Margaret Shinnick
1959      Julia Ann Keehn
1960      Julia Ann Keehn
1961      Ann Reynolds Butterworth
1962      Louise Peple Armstrong
1963      Patricia Lee Margraf
1964      Lee Marshall Price
1965      Nancy Patricia Sadler
1966      Anne Stirling Harman
1967      Susan Elizabeth Kemp
1968      Louise Hope Pitt AND Beatrice Meryl Greenbaum
1969      Janet M. Grubbs
1970      Elizabeth R. Northen
1971      Anne I. Baird AND Virginia B. Wiltshire
1972      Carol W. Herod
1973      Susan Dalton
1974      Beverly Chewning AND Frances Day
1975      Elizabeth Morgan
1976      Suzanne Ash
1977      Cornelia Goddin
1978      Robin Mayer AND Constance Terry
1979      Ashton Nolley
1980      Kathy Call
1981      Liza Little
1982      Anne Overton
1983      Ann Scott
1984      Beth Curry AND Lisa Coleman
1985      Lee Moreau AND Ann Mountcastle
1986      Antoinette Lucas
1987      Antoinette Lucas
1988      Sarah Catherine Lyman Josephs
1989      Jacquelin Marie Ukrop
1990      Hylah Margaret Boyd AND Elizabeth Dunston Schnell
1991      Sara Ann Schoolwerth
1992      Molly H. Morgan
1993      Dudley Carter
1994      T.A. Bingham
1995      Elizabeth Bland
1996      Leah Loftin AND Katie Schoolwerth
1997      Courtney Elizabeth Owen
1998      Bethany Katherine Jacobs
1999      Katherine Ryan Hamlin
2000      Ashton Scott Cawthorn
2001      Carter Bryson Hamill
2002      Sarah Brucker Northen
2003      Jamie Glynn Whitten AND Kathryn Cooper Schilling
2004      Meredith Toshiko Newcomb AND Blair Tafel Northen
2005      Kathleen O’Neill Hanley AND Madeline Jane Hope Sisk
2006      Elizabeth Luckey
2007      Cathryn Elizabeth Tullidge
2008      Victoria Tyler O'Shea
2009      Elizabeth Anne Mastropieri AND Dominique Lourine Meeks
2010      Katie Mastropieri & Rachel Naurath
2011      Julia Sroba AND Emily Wright
2012      Austin Elizabeth Pruitt
2013      Mallory Elizabeth Knighton AND Katherine Collins Melson
2014      Sydney Macmillan Cardozo
2015      Campbell Michelle Brewer
2016      Catherine Augustus DeVoe
2017      Jordan Marcus AND Gwin Sinnott
2018      Avery Freeman
2019      Caroline Curtis