Outstanding Senior Athlete

The Outstanding Senior Athlete Award is awarded to the senior boy who has contributed most to the athletic program through leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship and ability. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
Past recipients of this award include:
1963      C. Porter Vaughan, III
1964      Jeffress S. Dortch
1965      Albert L. Jacobs, Jr.
1966      Leroy B. Vaughan
1967      A. Rives Potts, Jr.
1968      C. Ray Easterling
1969      Howard B. Weatherford, III
1970      William B. Correll, Jr.
1971      George C. P. Whitley
1972      F. Behle Schaaf
1973      Larry K. Shaw
1974      Burdin H. Hickok
1975      John H. Maser
1976      William W. Day
1977      Franklin T. Jones
1978      Jesse V. Hawthorne AND Adrian L. Howard, Jr.
1979      Eric J. Ernsberger
1980      John O. Gwathmey AND David H. Murphy
1981      R. Douglas Massey AND Wallace Lewis LaPrade
1982      David T. Shannon, Jr.
1983      Christopher L. Tate
1984      Michael L. Wood AND D. Wayne Pate, Jr.
1985      Kevin E. Martin-Gayle
1986      Edward F. Sinnott, III
1987      Craig Lowry Scott
1988      Leavenworth M. Ferrell, II AND Robert S. Ukrop, II
1989      James Andrew Stokes
1990      Richard Leroy Bennett
1991      Alan Porter Vaughan
1992      Langdon P. Townsend
1993      David P. Montague
1994      Gray Bolling Broughton AND Cabell Charles Henry Hatchett
1995      T. Scott Whipple AND Kevin J. Aspinall
1996      Andrew Fletcher Slater
1997      Charles Howard McFall
1998      Charles Howard McFall AND Paul Hamilton Roper
1999      James Andrew Deck
2000      Patrick Michael Boswell AND Lee Harris Roberts
2001      Harrison Benjamin Wilson IV
2002      William Seth Lotts
2003      Noah Charles Perry Greenbaum
2004      Andrew Beckmann Sellergren
2005      William Michael DeCamps AND Michael Thomas Hogg
2006      Zachary David Diego Mendez-Zfass
2007      Russell Carrington Wilson AND William Cole Hawthorne 
2008      Joshua Alexander Lee
2009      Stuart Gifford Ferguson
2010      Jake McGee
2011      Peter Rossetti
2012      Michael Edward Howard
2013      Brady Garrison Straus AND Kyle Van Horn Pate
2014      Robert Wilton Speight III
2015      Lee Stribling Walker
2016      William Neumann Allocca
2017      Excellence Perry
2018      T Brewer
2019      Zachary Cram