Albert L. "Petey" Jacobs Sportsmanship Award

The A. L. Jacobs Sportsmanship Award is given to that senior male athlete who has demonstrated throughout his career at Collegiate the true spirit of sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. This is a tribute in itself to the gentleman who headed the Boys’ Athletic Program at Collegiate School for twenty-one years. He constantly stressed to his coaches and everyone associated with the school program that there be instilled in the boys above all else the excellence of sportsmanship. The recipient of the award is selected by the program leaders.
Past recipients of this award are:
1978      Adrian Leo Howard, Jr.
1979      Thomas Scott Word, III
1980      John Owen Gwathmey
1981      Robert Douglas Massey
1982      James William Curry
1983      Christopher L. Tate
1984      Charles E. Joseph, III
1985      Wyatt S. Beazley, IV
1986      Edward F. Sinnott, III
1987      William Eugene Coleman, III
1988      Leavenworth M. Ferrell, II
1989      James Andrew Stokes
1990      Stanley G. Jeffries AND Charles M. McGill
1991      William G. Broaddus
1992      Clay Hilbert
1993      James Kenneth Zelenak
1994      Gray Bolling Broughton
1995      Wade Samuel Rinaca
1996      Hartwell Heath Roper, Jr.
1997      Scott McDowell Adams
1998      Brent Ingram Miller
1999      Nathan Anderson Burgess
2000      Patrick Michael Boswell
2001      Stephen Edward Sica
2002      Malcolm Pitt Friddell, Jr.
2003      Graham Thomas Forbes
2004      Alan Foster Miller AND John Jameson Clore
2005      Devon George Kelley AND Jeremy Ryan Mostrom
2006      Zachary David Diego Mendez-Zfass
2007      Russell Carrington Wilson &
             Matthew Wilson Richardson
2008      Christopher Hume Daly, Jr.
2009      Robert Martin Crutcher & Robert Day Friddell
2010      Cabell Willis
2011      Andrew Barclay Elliott
2012      Grayson LeCompte Thornton & John Luke Walker
2013      Reilly Joseph Klein
2014      James Alexander Byrd
2015      Lee Stribling Walker & John Bly Cole
2016      Sawyer Cavan Gaffney & James Frederick Londrey, Jr.
2017      Jess Speight
2018      T Brewer
2019      Michael Brost Jr.