Collegiate Career TRAILBLAZE

Connecting rising Seniors to
professional experiences beyond the classroom

To pair Collegiate School rising Seniors with alumni, parents and community partners to discover career inspirations and aspirations in the following areas:
Architecture & Engineering | Art Education | Entrepreneurship | Hospitality | Law | Medicine/Health Care | Marketing and Communications | Nonprofit/Public Service | Real Estate | Technology


  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom in a work environment.
  • Actively participate in a workplace that requires career-appropriate dress, punctuality, clear communication and a rhythm that takes into account many moving parts, projects and people.
  • Observe workplace colleague collaboration in real time, solving real problems.


  • Introduce a new generation to career opportunities in your field.
  • Spark student interest in your field and support Collegiate School by generously giving your time.
  • Demonstrate the importance of developing and honing key skills essential to the workplace.
  • Reflect on your work, field and key skills.
  • Gain valuable mentoring experience and renewed enthusiasm for your work by listening to the ideas and thoughts of the next generation.
Click here to read about the inaugural Trailblaze program.

For more information, please contact:
Trina Clemans
Director of Economic and Entrepreneurship Education
office: 804.741.2806
mobile: 804.512.1739

For mentor/alumni questions, please contact:
Anne Gray Siebert '97
Director of Alumni Engagement


JUNE 3-7, 2024

A job shadowing program for rising Seniors that strives to create meaningful experiences for each participant.