Responsible Citizenship
Entrepreneurship structures opportunities for exploration, human-centered design, decision-making, and risk-taking that cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset while contributing to social impact.

na2ure’s Pattern Alphabet

In 2022, Collegiate’s Trina Clemans and the late Daniel Bartels formed a partnership with na2ure's Alex Wolf and Vijal Parikh and university researchers David Uttal and Herb Ginsburg to propose the creation of an interactive platform based on na2ure’s Pattern Alphabet. In September 2023, the team's work was selected by the Tools Competition as one of 32 winners from over 1,000 global submissions. Awarded $100,000 to build the pABC APP to connect STEAM academic disciplines and scaffold spatial and mathematical education, faculty and students across campus participate in piloting and, eventually, sharing the platform. Click here to read more about the Pattern Alphabet and the competition. 


The annual spring Collegiate Maker Faire highlights the ongoing initiatives and projects of Collegiate K-12 students, faculty and staff, and alumni that embrace the ethos of making. It is a celebration of creativity and a showcase for hands-on learning. The Maker Faire features classroom projects, demos, maker activities, information tables, and displays, and items for sale made by Collegiate community members. Click here for more information on the School Maker Faire program.

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  • Lower School

    To learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, 3rd Graders hold three markets during which they “sell” wares they made from recyclable materials. The students also have time to “purchase” items at their classmates’ tables. As part of the economics curriculum, The Classroom Economy, students practice valuable life skills in an experiential way including earning “money” at three markets, practicing sustainability, making choices, saving, budgeting and understanding taxes.
  • Middle School

    In the ChangeMaker Club, Collegiate 7th and 8th Grade students work collaboratively to uncover and understand challenges on Collegiate’s campus and in the community. This group of social entrepreneurs is laying the foundation for a future student-led business that will solve problems and contribute to the community at large. Students are trusted to guide this ongoing process, ultimately creating a student-led initiative with a positive impact. See the ongoing work 2019-20 ChangeMaker Club here.
  • Upper School

    Collegiate’s Robotics team, TORCH 5804, provides opportunities to practice an entrepreneurial mindset. TORCH 5804 meets after school and on weekends to design and build their FIRST Robotics creations to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, billed as the Ultimate Sport for the Mind. Participating Upper School students take a design-based approach to meet the challenge presented by FIRST Robotics. All Upper School Grade levels and skill levels are welcomed and needed, technical or non-technical.
"A foundational understanding of economics sparks curiosity giving rise to intriguing questions that help students grasp the complexities of meeting unlimited wants and needs with limited resources. By nurturing entrepreneurial thinkers in tandem with economic literacy programs, students develop the skills and dispositions to reimagine the use of limited resources to achieve new and different outcomes, ever mindful of the impact of their choices on others."
Trina Clemans
Director Economic and Entrepreneurship Education
Responsible Citizenship Team