The music program offers students opportunities for cultural and aesthetic experiences through active participation in music in a variety of ensembles and private study. The department produces and sponsors musical events that enhance the cultural life of the campus, the school community and the Richmond area. Its goal in and out of the classroom is to create a musical community that is rich with cultural, social and intellectual diversity.

Choral Music

The choral curriculum is built on the foundation that the joy of singing is of the utmost performance while maintaining the balance a healthy approach to singing. Students are taught the appropriate techniques of singing from an early age so that they may explore the many diverse styles of music as they progress through the Middle and Upper schools. The curriculum is rigorous as the students progress through the program, combining classroom experiences with performance opportunities both on and off campus and placing a high value on process over product. Within the program, we challenge each student to become a mature and informed artist who is capable of making their own artistic decisions while participating as a member of a larger ensemble.

Choral Ensembles
4th Grade Cantorion
5th-6th Grade Chorus
7th-8th Grade Chorus
The Collegiate Upper School Chorus

Glee Club (Pageant)
Voice Male
Con Brio

"The arts offers a place to express oneself, and to have the opportunity to be part of a community that is supportive at the highest level. From the students to faculty to the parent community, there is not a better place than Collegiate to begin the journey of discovering one’s passion."
Mike Boyd
Director of the Arts

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