Writing and Creative Thinking Workshop - Down the Rabbit Hole - Turning Stories from Your Life into Fiction

Bird Cox, Richmond Young Writers
Rising 5th – Rising 8th Graders
July 1 – 5 • 1 – 4 p.m.
No camp on Thursday, July 4
Bring a filled water bottle from home each day.
Some days, things just don’t go your way like when you go to post a selfie and get transported into another dimension, or when you discover your baby sister is not actually teething, but is a brain-hungry zombie. Then there’s that annoying problem of trying to keep your superpowers on the down-low. We get it. It’s hard being you. Join us as we do a little story swapping about the perils of being unusual.
Does your aunt Edith remind you of a talking pelican? Do you absentmindedly draw mountains on everything? Do your memories of that trip to Florida bring to mind images of being stranded on a deserted island? All of the true stories that make up our lives are rich material from which to create bigger, brighter, crazier ideas, sometimes with magic involved. In Down the Rabbit Hole, we’ll be digging deep to turn memories and thoughts about real life into wild, uncharted fictional territory.
For more information, contact Richmond Young Writers at bird@richmondyoungwriters.com.