Our World is a Global Village

Melanie Marks, PhD
Rising 2nd – Rising 6th Graders
July 15 – 19 • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Bring a lunch and filled water bottle from home each day.
Explore the world with globe trekker Melanie Marks of Longwood University. Campers will “travel” to Africa, Europe, Asia and Central America to learn about the global village in which we all live. Imagine making your own butter for an English tea party (and speaking with an English accent), creating a s’mores factory with chocolate made from African cocoa beans, barter trading like they do in a Burmese hill tribe community, carrying buckets of water on your head like they do in Uganda, learning what life was like if you lived behind the Iron Curtain in Europe, making fruit kabobs like you could be served in the forests of Africa, making tie-dye shirts using bright African colors, learning how to use chopsticks and then using them in chopsticks relays and participating in a Limbo competition.
There is just too much to list. Be assured that every day of camp will be action-packed, educational and a great deal of fun. Daily activities include international-themed cooking, crafts, videos, games and children’s literature selections, plus outdoor activities so that campers can enjoy the summer weather.
Dr. Marks is a Professor of Economics and Coordinator of Study Abroad at Longwood University. She is a 2006 winner of the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award for the Commonwealth, winner of multiple university teaching awards, and co-owner of an award-winning K-8 curriculum development company. The Global Village camp is an extension activity offered through Longwood’s College of Business & Economics.
For more information, contact Melanie Marks at marksmb@longwood.edu.