Robotics Boot Camp - Lower School

Greg Sesny, Farley Macdonald
Rising 2nd – Rising 4th Graders
July 15 – 19 • 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Bring a healthy snack and filled water bottle from home each day.
Spend the week working with Collegiate Robotics and our FIRST Robotics Competition Team, FRC Team 5804. Learn to design and program Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots as you compete and collaborate in a series of challenges. For example, who can design and program the fastest line following bot? We’ll start off with simple tasks and routines like driving in a straight line at a set speed. We’ll then learn to use a variety of sensors to provide data to our robot that helps define its behavior – stop at the green line, stay inside the box, don’t run into the wall. Over time, the simple tasks, routines and behaviors can be integrated to solve more challenging problems such as a line following race. We’ll end the week with a celebration/competition/demonstration of what your bots can do and you’ll also get the chance to operate the team’s FRC competition bot.
Greg Sesny is a physics teacher in Collegiate’s Upper School. He has worked with the Upper School FIRST Robotics Program and he previously founded a FIRST Robotics Team and served as a lead mentor. Farley Macdonald is a Collegiate Middle School science teacher and has always had an interest in the sciences. He loves when students ask questions and enjoys figuring out how to build things and make them work.
For more information, contact Greg Sesny at