Wrestling and Athletic Development

Andy Stone
Rising 1st – Rising 6th Graders
July 8 – 12 • 1 – 3 p.m.
Bring a filled water bottle from home each day.
Campers should bring wrestling shoes and wear shorts and a T-shirt.
Wrestling is a great sport that will help increase overall athleticism and develop skills that will help athletes in a wide variety of sports. This camp is tailored to the needs of Lower School students interested in wrestling and/or looking to work on their overall athletic skills. We will use games, wrestling and gymnastics to work of movement and athleticism. For experienced wrestlers, we will work on specific wrestling skills as well as developing strength and agility, but no prior wrestling skills are required.
We encourage everyone to bring any old wrestling shoes you may have. On the first day of camp, we will allow people who need new shoes to try on those that others have donated.
Andy Stone is the varsity wrestling coach and a Middle School physical education teacher at Collegaite. He is holds a certification with the National Strength Coaches Association, and wrestled and coached at the University of Tennessee.
For more information, please contact Andy Stone at astone@collegiate-va.org.