Building Imaginations - Architecture for Little Hands and Big Minds

Shannon Dowling, Juicebox Architects
Rising 3rd – Rising 5th Graders
June 17 – 21 • 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Bring a healthy snack and filled water bottle from home each day.
Building is fun, tangible and part of our everyday experience. Juicebox Architects teaches kids about the built environment by exploring art, social studies, language arts, history, science and math through hands-on activities designed to encourage creative, outsidethe- box thinking. Architecture helps with visual learning, observation, reasoning and critical thinking. The camp will engage children physically and mentally as they use their imaginations and become designers for a week.
We will design floor plans and build a miniature neighborhood, take a look at structural concepts by creating toothpick bridges, and engage in discussions about scale, foundation, loads and aesthetics by designing skyscrapers that scale the walls of our school. Campers will learn about structures using our own bodies as support columns, we will make our own stools that can hold our parents and we will even build a geodesic dome that campers can occupy. We will work as individuals and in groups to look at real-life problems and simplified versions of what architects do each day. This camp is ideal for children who like to create, draw and build – children who aren’t afraid to be original, take risks, explore new ideas and even get a little messy!
Shannon Dowling has both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in architecture. She has worked on everything from schools to libraries to home additions. She studied design and practiced architecture not only in her hometown of Richmond, but also in New York and Los Angeles. Her work has been included in a number of exhibits, including the Biennale in Venice and at the Dia Center for the Arts in Manhattan. She has three young children of her own and loves building young creative minds as much as she loves architecture.
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