Literature of Conflict

Vlastik Svab
Rising 11th – Rising 12th Graders
July 8 – Aug. 2 • 9 a.m – 1:30 p.m.
Monday – Friday
The last 15 years of U.S. involvement in con icts around the globe have fundamentally changed our perspectives of war and those who ght it. At this pivotal juncture in American history, we should explore the literature that has been written about con ict and its effects on those in the battle and beyond. We will read depictions of and reactions to warfare, ranging from the Trojan War to our most recent con icts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Texts will include poetry, ction, non- ction and graphic media, including work from Anthony Swofford, Kevin Powers, Erich Maria Remarque, Garry Trudeau and military blogs written directly from the eld. The graphic nature of the subject matter will require a serious and thoughtful approach to a topic that has been a persistent presence in society.
Vlastik Svab has taught Upper School English at Collegiate for 10 years; previously, he taught honors and AP English at Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans. Along with teaching English 9 and Junior/ Senior electives, he is also the Senior Speech program coordinator and an advisor for Collegiate’s online student newspaper, The Match.
Qualified Collegiate students – those who have earned an A- average or better in their last two semesters of English – may take this elective for Honors credit. This will, however, require additional, independent reading and writing.
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