Strategic Planning Process 2021-22

Collegiate School is excited to resume Strategic Planning, which has been on pause since March 2020 due to the pandemic. As with previous Strategic Planning processes, this offers a wonderful opportunity to build on Collegiate’s strengths and values as we design our future with optimism, thoughtfulness and care for our students. We will draw upon insights gained from prior research and listening sessions as well as seek out fresh input and insights from all community members. Through a carefully laid-out process, Collegiate will emerge with a strong sense of where we are headed for the future, supported by a clear set of institutional priorities and a tactical plan.

Strategic Planning Committee

We thank our committee for their dedication to Collegiate, excitement for the process, and optimism for the future. We appreciate their willingness to listen, to ask thoughtful questions and to remain open to where the process leads us as a community.  

Neely Markel, Committee Chair
, Alumni ’96, Parent ’27 ’30, Trustee

Leah Angell, Ph.D. Parent ’23 ’26, Faculty
Michael Bland Alumni ’83, Past Parent ’15
Laura Domalik, Faculty
Penny Evins Parent '22 '23, Head of School
Rives Fleming Alumni ’83, Past Parent ’14 ’16 ’18 ’20, Faculty
Jenny Lindner Parent ’32 ’34, Faculty
Nancy Jo Kantner Alumni ’95, Parent ’23 ’25 ’29
Courtney Martin, Associate Head of School
Morenike Miles Parent ’24 ’25, Trustee
Billy Peebles, Trustee
Cheairs Porter Parent ’27 ’29 ’32, Trustee
Carter Reid Past Parent ’16 ’18, Board of Trustees Chair
Matt Rigby Parent ’23 ’25
John Rivers Parent ’25 ’28, Trustee
JoAnn Adrales Ruh Past Parent ’16 ’18 ’21
Rishi Pahuja Alumni ’04
Liza Jarvis Scott Alumni ’99, Parent ’30 ’32
Joeffrey Trimmingham Parent ’22 ’24
LaNessa West Past Parent ’19 ’21, Former Faculty, Current Administrator

Timeline and Opportunities to Participate

We look forward to your participation as we engage in this exciting and important process to envision the future for Collegiate and our students. Community input is essential to the success of our Strategic Planning process. Key opportunities are reflected on the timeline below. 

  • October 2021 - Online Survey
    An in-depth survey that includes open-ended questions and allows for meaningful feedback will gather insights and perspectives from our Collegiate Community, including students in Grades 9-12. Look for an email invitation.

  • Oct. 18, 2021 -  Think Tanks
    Think Tanks offer a playful in-person opportunity for parents and faculty and staff to better understand the strategic planning process and contribute ideas and hopes for the future of the School.
    - Parent Think Tanks (Click here to register and select your preferred time, 9-11 a.m. or 6-8 p.m.)
    - Faculty and Staff Think Tank details will be shared with employees

  • Jan. 8, 2022 - Community Design Day
    Community Design Day offers a full day of collectively designing possible futures for Collegiate. This highly interactive in-person community event is open to our Collegiate Community, including students in Grades 8-12. (Note: inclement weather date Feb. 26)
    - Community Design Day (Click here to register, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.)

  • Spring through Early Fall 2022 - Plan Development
    Our plan will be developed based upon all that has been learned from our community throughout the process.

  • Early Fall 2022 - Sharing and Start of Implementation
    At the start of the 2022-23 school year and after formal adoption by the Board of Trustees, the Strategic Plan will be shared widely with the Collegiate Community. Staff will begin the process of implementation.


Facilitating our process are two highly regarded firms, Leadership + Design and Weave Insights.

  • Leadership + Design is a collaborative of educators, strategists and experience designers who bring expertise in working with schools on strategic planning. L+D has a true appreciation for Collegiate, having worked with us several times previously under various heads, including as recently as last spring with Penny Evins and the Admin Team. L+D’s signature process incorporates many elements of design thinking and engagement to get to know the school and its constituents. 
  • Weave Insights is a Richmond-based research firm that will be conducting a community survey, developed in close partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee specifically for Collegiate.

For Reference

For reference, here is a link to view our most recent Strategic Plan 2016-19.