Inclusion in the Upper School


AP Microeconomics
In AP Microeconomics, students research income distribution data in the United States and around the world to compare Gini coefficients and the sources of economic inequality. Students further examine the causes of income and wealth inequality and make brief presentations on ways to mitigate income and wealth inequality, using correct economic terminology.

Honors History: Race, Culture and Sport
In this course, students examine how changes in American sports are connected to an evolving American society. The course provides opportunities to examine the relationship between sports and nationalism, sports and politics, sports and the economy, sports and society change, sports and gender, and sports and American expansion through a combination of primary sources, articles, book chapters, films and articles on the sociology of sport. Class discussion is often used as a tool to further delve into what students have learned and observed in their own lives.

Our English curriculum includes voices critical of prejudice. Throughout freshman and sophomore English and the wide variety of English electives offered, cultural and personal themes across texts include struggles with alienation, identity, marginalization, inherited privilege, class struggle, nationalism, civil disobedience, as well as values such as courage, loyalty, individuality, resilience and self-expression.

Senior Capstone Program: Envision Your World
Each senior Capstone has at its core an essential question or challenge, and empowers students to use their cumulative learning to engage with this challenge. Students are able to choose from a variety of Capstone experiences, each embedded in a one-semester course, and each with a curricular focus on one or more of the pillars of Responsible Citizenship - Global Engagement, Inclusion, Economic Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Service Learning, Civic Engagement, Ethics and Sustainability.

Special Events

Collegiate participates in TEDxYouth Day and has served as the lead host for TedxYouth@RVA for the past three years. The School and members of the TedxYouth senior seminar class invite youths from across the metro area to campus in mid-November for the event. Our students have partnered with seniors from area high schools to organize the Richmond event. While our students and their partners focus on finding compelling young speakers who live in the Richmond metro area to speak at TedxYouth@RVA, students in 17 other countries simultaneously host events. Many are live-streamed — including TedxYouth@RVA — so that anyone can learn about issues important to teens around the world.


Mosaic is a club comprised of 9th-12th Grade students who are committed to making Collegiate a more knowledgeable, safe and inclusive community by promoting diversity. The club’s goal is to provide opportunities for students and staff to feel represented, heard and accepted within Collegiate. By planning and hosting activities and events around our core cultural identifiers, the club promotes all types of diversity within the Collegiate community. Students in Mosaic attend club meetings at school, attend student diversity conferences and host forums based on current events facing our School and global community.