Inclusion in the Middle School


Inclusion Tuesdays and #500Friends
The Advisory activity for the first Tuesday of each month is called Inclusion Tuesday, during which advisors lead an activity related to diversity and inclusion. Some of the topics covered this year have included empathy, eliminating stereotypes, the impact of labeling, sharing our commonalities and differences, and avoiding exclusiveness and cliques. Some activities are designated #500Friends with mixed groups of 5th and 7th Grade students and 6th and 8th Grade students to offer opportunities for leadership and new friendships.

Special Events

Field Trips to Five Religious Sites
The basic tenets of the five major world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism) are the center of the 5th Grade history curriculum. As a culminating activity, 5th Graders visit local religious centers in the Richmond metro region each spring.

World Religions Assemblies
Each year, students in 5th-8th Grade attend five religious assemblies that explore a theme in each of the five major world religions. This year’s religious assembly theme is storytelling and sacred texts. Past themes have included prayer, art, architecture and dance, rites of passage and women’s role in the religion.


The Middle School has two Mosaic groups, one for 5th and 6th Graders and the other for 7th and 8th Graders. The mission of both groups is to help create a stronger and more inclusive community in the Middle School. The groups learn about stereotyping, prejudice and micro- and macro-aggressions, as they pertain to life at school and in the greater community. Students explore different diversity identities based on race, religion, gender, ability/disability, socioeconomic class and ethnicity. Students also attend conferences and visit various sites.